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The 3 (real) Best Tool Belts in 2022

Everything within reach!

With their numerous pockets and storage, they are ideal to always have with you the tool or accessory you need to work efficiently and without wasting time.

Made of leather, strong and flexible, I present here my selection of the best tool belts on the market!

What is the best tool belt in 2022?

DeWalt Avental – My favourite

Rolson – A good value in leather

Ausonia – Another good choice for less than 40€.

rating 5 out of 5

DeWalt Avental

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Dewalt Avental tool beltSolid and ergonomic! The DeWalt Avental is a tool belt made of leather, which already makes it very sturdy, but it is also reinforced with a 2-pin buckle to hold it perfectly in place and support heavy loads. It is also padded with a breathable mesh fabric to provide greater comfort throughout the day. Designed for both left- and right-handed people, it can be customized to fit your needs and is of course, adjustable to fit your size. Among its many features, it includes a metal ribbon holder, multiple pockets and loops (for tools as well as small parts) and a large zippered pocket that can hold a wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. It also has steel D-hooks for use with shoulder straps and, for maximum durability, metal rivet and leather reinforcements on friction points.

My opinion: I already knew the DeWalt tools I generally appreciate the performances and the quality of manufacture and I must thus admit that I expected the same thing with this belt. And I was not disappointed! Even before putting it around your waist, you can appreciate the excellent finishing: not everything is in leather, and the pockets are in reinforced fabric but this is not a problem, far from it since all parts are perfectly protected against wear. But what is most appreciable about this model is the incredible amount of storage space. Whether you are a professional carpenter or a simple do-it-yourselfer, all of them are very practical to have the precise tool at hand or to take screws or nails, for example, with a simple movement. If you are a craftsman, it will be an excellent investment, and if you are a private individual, you will love to wear it during your work!


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

rolson tool beltThe elegance of oil-tanned leather and the practicality of numerous pockets! Rolson does not limit the use of leather to the belt itself: all the storage compartments are also made of this material for a distinguished look, great strength and durability. Wide and with a steel buckle, it’s designed to provide a secure hold, even when loaded with heavy tools and accessories. It can indeed accommodate a large number of them since it is equipped with no less than 10 different pockets, each with its own specificity. In addition to the 2 large main pockets, it also has 2 medium-sized flared pockets and 6 small tool pockets, plus 2 metal hooks, a scaffolding key holder and a tape holder. It is even reinforced with rivets to make it even stronger! Thanks to its many loops, it is finally made to fit easily in all sizes.

My opinion: Good leather tool belts, the ones that are very solid and able to accompany you in your work for many years, are usually quite expensive. But this Rolson is in my opinion a good value for money. The leather used is thick and sturdy, and the fact that it is present on absolutely all parts gives this belt an incomparable aesthetic. It’s silly but when you wear it, you feel like you’re even more of a pro at what you do! Its style is not its only strong point, far from it, since its storage spaces are large, varied and very practical. Too bad they are not modular, it would have been a no-fault! If the comfort is well present and the adjustment is indeed possible, I must still specify that you may have to add a few holes if you have a thin waist. But it’s really only a detail!


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

ausonia tool beltLots of room and removable pockets for great customization! This Ausonia may have chosen fabric as its raw material, but it’s obviously a reinforced fabric that was used to ensure this tool belt has all the strength it needs to handle heavy loads. This is necessary since its numerous pockets allow to carry a number of tools and accessories. It has 4 large main pockets and 8 smaller ones (all closed at the bottom) as well as 2 screwdriver slots. It also includes a hook on the front (suitable for all types of hammers) and all the pockets can be moved at will, be put on the sides, to facilitate the use and suit both left and right-handed. Easy and quick to put on thanks to its clip clasp, it can also be adjusted to fit all sizes. It is also padded to ensure the comfort of the professional who wears it.

My opinion: Fabric tool belts are not usually unanimously approved but this Ausonia has something to change your mind! It’s definitely more robust than many models I’ve had around my waist, and it’s clearly not the kind that will have one of its pockets rip after a few weeks of use. That it is padded is also a plus, as is the fact that the pockets can be rearranged at will. And that’s of course without mentioning the fact that they offer a lot of storage space, for everything you might need during your work day or while working at home. On the other hand, as is often the case with this type of belt, we have the impression that they are not made for small people not reaching 40 and it’s a shame… But for the rest, it’s a good choice, especially for its price.

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