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The 4 Best Tile Cutters in 2022

Tile cutter: For precise and effortless cutting!

Tiling is often a must in a house and to succeed perfectly in your project, the tile cutter will be very useful.

In manual or electric versions, I let you discover my selection of the best tile cutters on the market!

What is the best tile cutter in 2022?

↓ Manual

  • Bosch PTC 640 – My favourite
  • Sigma 6054177 – One of the best on the market
  • Rubi Star 51 – A good value for money

↓ Electric

  • DeWalt DWE4233-QS – Great grinder for cutting tile

Bosch PTC 640

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

bosch PTC 640 tile cutterFully designed for precise, effortless cutting! The Bosch PTC 640 is the tile cutter that makes it easy to get started on tile cutting projects since it not only guarantees ease of use but also offers clean results and well-defined edges. Capable of cutting tiles up to 64 cm long and 12 mm thick, it features a titanium-coated disc for effortless cutting. Thanks to the graduated ruler and the 45° angle stop, the settings are always exact and the breaker system integrated into the handle helps to separate the tiles in two with a single movement. And once the job is done, the carrying handles make it easy to move and store.

My opinion: My favourite manual tile cutter! If you’re going to start a renovation project and you have several square meters of tiles to cut and install, this Bosch PTC 640 is clearly what I recommend. It’s very well designed, it’s as solid as it is efficient, it’s perfectly stable, the cutting wheel is of high quality and it can accommodate large tiles (in diagonal cut, the maximum length is however reduced to 45 cm instead of 64 cm), it’s really top. Even the price is not really a hindrance knowing that it will make you proud of your work!

Sigma 6054177

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

sigma 6054177 tile set Even for large tiles! This Sigma 6054177 can indeed cut tiles up to 77 cm long, but that’s not its only strong point. Thanks to a structure entirely made of aluminium, it is both solid and durable, while offering a cutting accessible to all, by traction. The various adjustments are made in a simple way, notably via the double measuring scale or the quick positioning key. It can also be used on tiles up to 20 mm thick, and it is of course possible to rotate the structure in order to make angle cuts and more particularly diagonal cuts.

My opinion: This Sigma tile cutter has been a must-have for several decades, and even today it remains one of the best on the market! I would have no hesitation in recommending it to you since it ensures absolutely everything, from easy, effortless cutting to maximum length if you plan to lay large tiles. It is really very reliable! As it is worth a certain investment, it is more suitable for large-scale work (living room, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, terrace, etc.) but in any case, it will give you complete satisfaction.

Rubi Star 51

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Rubi star 51 tile cutter A tile cutter as light as it is functional! The Rubi Star 51 is practical thanks to its one-handed operation: with its ingenious handle, it is possible to scratch and separate the ceramic without having to release the handle. (A side arm can also be unfolded to support the piece while cutting). With maximum precision and efficiency, the tool can be used on thicknesses up to 12 mm and it allows a direct view of the cutting line at all times. The tool has been carefully designed to be sturdy, with anti-corrosion treated chrome-plated steel and a shock-absorbing foam plate to ensure perfect stability.

My opinion: Among all the manual tilers on the market, this Rubi Star 51 is in my opinion one of the best value for money! If you don’t have a huge budget or if you just want to tile one or two rooms in your house, it should be a good fit. I found it to be very good at cutting, and accurate, and since it can accommodate tiles up to 60 cm long, it is very versatile. It sometimes lacks a bit of stability but this is an acceptable flaw considering its very reasonable price!

DeWalt DWE4233-QS

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Dewalt dwe4233-qs tile cutter Ideal for cutting tiles! Thanks to a slim body, a side handle for an excellent grip and a weight of only 2.2 kg, the DeWalt DE233-QS is a very easy-to-handle grinder. Capable of helping with a wide range of jobs, it is particularly useful for precise cutting, especially when it comes to making notches, for example. It is equipped with a powerful 1400 W motor for optimal performance and even has a dust ejection system, which allows you to keep a perfect view of the cutting line. Wired, it comes with a 125 mm diameter disc, also more than enough for most tile thicknesses.

My opinion: With this DeWalt, we are clearly not on a classic tile cutter but if you are looking for an electric solution and not a manual one (and you don’t see the need to invest in professional equipment), this tool could interest you. It’s an alternative that makes sense, especially if the cuts you need to make are not all in straight lines. With this machine, the finishes will be much easier, and they will obviously be as clean as they are precise. This grinder is also a good investment since, in addition to being of very good quality, it can be used for other jobs!

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