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The 5 Best Car Lift Ramps in 2022

Pure car lift ramp: Ideal for maintenance and repairs!

Whether it’s for an oil change, lubrication, transmission, etc., this equipment allows easier access to the lower part of a vehicle.

Hydraulic or supporting several tons, find here my selection of the best car lift ramps on the market!

What is the best car lift ramp in 2022?

  • Cartrend-My favourites
  • Arebos-Professional quality, with a hydraulic lift
  • Navaris-The best value for money
  • WilTec-Another good choice
  • Honhill-High and steel


Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Cartrend pure car lift ramp Safe as well as effective! Cartrend lift ramps have been specifically designed to make any handling of cars or even vans easier. Made of the strongest plastic, they are able to support a load of up to 3 tons and offer a working height of 15.5 cm, either at the front or at the back, as they can be positioned on both sides. Ingenious, they are equipped with a coating that protects the tires, a design that allows liquids to drain easily, while their 17° slope allows the vehicle to be lifted without difficulty, especially since a series of 6 non-slip rubber strips is placed under each element. They are wide enough to be adapted to all tires with a maximum width of 235 mm.

My opinion: Among all the plastic ramps of this type, these from Cartrend are probably the best, and they are definitely my favourites! I have to say that they have a lot of advantages: the weight they can support is more than enough for most cars, the height of 15.5 cm is great to work with, and they are also of excellent quality, even for SUVs, they don’t crash when the vehicle climbs on them and they have a perfect grip, even on tiles. The fact that they are quite wide is also an additional quality, especially since they don’t have any side edges. You can allow yourself to be just right or even a few millimetres over. I was quite impressed by their capabilities, and it is a model that I recommend without any hesitation!


Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

arebos car lift ramp quasi-professional lift ramp! Intended for all individuals who like to tinker with their car, the Arebos have a very specific technical feature: a hydraulic cylinder to offer more height. Adjustable from 27 to 37.5 cm high, they are also perfectly safe as they have a safety and overload valve. Made of sturdy steel, they can support a maximum load of 2 tons each, enough to accommodate even the heaviest of vehicles. They are also 245 mm wide, which makes them suitable for everyday cars, vans, pickup trucks, etc. Although they are manual, they do not require any effort thanks to the presence of a long lever and they are also secure thanks to a bolt to fix the lifted vehicle.

My opinion: It’s like having a small car garage at home! If you need more height to change your oil, service or repair your car, these hydraulic lift ramps are very practical as they allow you to lift 2x higher than the hard plastic versions, so you can enjoy even easier access. Because of their steep slope, they are unfortunately not 100% adapted to vehicles with low bumpers but apart from this detail, I found them to be top-notch. Quality of manufacture, the performance of the jacks, the solidity of the steel, everything is there to work with confidence. We are not on the same budget nor in the same skills as the elevator but I would say that they are a good alternative for individuals and that they are much more efficient than stanchions, for example. You can definitely be tempted!

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Navaris 2-in-1 car lift ramp, Navaris lift ramps can also be used as chocks, whether for a car, a van or even a caravan. They have 3 different platforms, accessible in a progressive way, each one a little higher than the previous one. In total, they can raise the vehicle by about 7.5 cm and as they are made of ultra-strong plastic, they can support up to 4 tons each. Practical, they are also wide enough to accommodate different types of tires since they measure 17.5 cm. Well designed, their hollows guarantee perfect stability while taking care of the tire while their holes allow the flow of liquids in case of draining, for example. Finally, they are very light so they can be easily stored when they are no longer needed.

My opinion: One of the best quality/price ratios you can find among all the car ramps available! Admittedly, these Navaris are not the tallest on the market and at less than 10 cm, you may feel that they don’t lift your vehicle enough. But on the other hand, they are incredibly strong and they won’t sag during use or even after a few months. They also have the advantage of being handy for just shimming or levelling a caravan thanks to their first lift, especially since with a maximum load of 4000 kg, it’s no problem for them to support the weight. I was also surprised by their lightness: you don’t expect them to weigh so little while being so strong: you can really take them everywhere, provided of course that you find some space since they are almost 60 cm long. A good choice at a reasonable price!


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Wiltec pure car lift rampWide and safe! These lift ramps offered by WilTec have the ability to accommodate vehicles with a tire width of up to 255mm while guaranteeing the user’s peace of mind with their extreme strength. Made of hard plastic, they can support a maximum load of 2.5 tons without sagging or slipping, thus ensuring the stability of the car, SUV, etc. Perfect for DIY, they lift 17 cm from the ground, which is more than enough, including to cross sidewalks without damaging the tires, for example. Despite their solidity, they weigh only 9 kg in total, which is convenient to store them effortlessly between two uses, knowing that they even save space since they are stackable on top of each other.

My opinion: If you were not convinced by the Cartrend that I presented at the beginning of this selection, these WilTec are an excellent alternative. They have the same qualities, namely that they are extremely solid and can therefore accommodate all types of cars (even vans), that they support the weight perfectly, that they do not crush and that they do not slip either. They are even a little higher with their 17 cm and they secure the tire well with their small railing. The fact that they can be stacked to store them is also interesting, especially if like me, you are always short of space in your garage! Very reliable, this is another railing model that you can also choose with your eyes closed.

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

honhill pure car lift ramp for sliding under the car even easier! This model of lifting ramps from Honhill opts for a higher design: thanks to them, vehicles can be lifted by 27 cm. This is not their only advantage, since thanks to a width of 26 cm, they fit most standard tires (recommended up to 185 mm) and are also capable of supporting a maximum load of 2 tons. This solidity is due to their steel construction, a material that also gives them great stability, which is reassuring during use. Once they are on the ground, they do not move, even when the vehicle is mounted, and once they are no longer needed, the fact that they both weigh only 10 kg makes storage rather easy and in any case accessible to all.

My opinion: You have a slight preference for steel ramps but you can’t afford the hydraulic model presented above? In that case, you should be interested in these Honhill. They are a more classic version that I really like since they have both the advantage of lifting the car higher than plastic ramps while being in a similar price range. With 27 cm of height, you’ll see the difference and it becomes a bit more pleasant to do some work, whether it’s for an oil change or a small repair. Moreover, you will feel confident: the steel used for the manufacturing is of good quality and the structure remains perfectly stable, even with an SUV of almost 2000 kg mounted on it. The width of the tires is a bit narrow and depending on your vehicle, the bumper might touch but it’s still a good model!

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