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The 5 Best Construction and Workshop Heaters 2022

A welcome source of heat!

When the temperature drops, working or tinkering in unheated rooms quickly become less and less pleasant.

Here is my selection of the best site and workshop heaters on the market to help you!

What are the Best Construction and Workshop Heaters 2022?

↓ Electric

  • Trotec TDS 20 C – Blower, is my personal favourite.
  • Stanley – A good value for the money
  • Trotec TDS 10 M – Cheap -50€, perfect as a workshop space heater

↓ Oil & Gas

  • Trotec IDE 20 – Powerful oil-fired heat gun
  • Favex – Gas fired, perfect as a workshop heater.

Trotec TDS 20 C

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

trotec tds 20 c construction heater with ceramic heating element for even more heat and longer life! The Trotec TDS 20 C is a 3000 W construction heater with a blower system to distribute its air. In addition to offering the possibility of adjusting the temperature on 2 different heating levels (and at the same time offering a cold air position), it has an integrated thermostat which guarantees a perfect constancy in the flow of hot air. Its electric operation also makes it ideal for indoor use (such as in a workshop, for example) since it produces neither condensation nor smoke while remaining silent. Compact, portable and robust, it also has a metal shell for optimal protection and can be installed on the wall or ceiling thanks to the fixing threads.

My opinion: In blower heating, it is one of the most powerful that I tested! Don’t be fooled by the size of this Trotec TDS 20, it’s not because it’s small that it doesn’t heat much, quite the contrary. I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of its blast, which, in an enclosed space, allows you to reach a very comfortable temperature in a very short time, and which, in a more open space, has no trouble getting the heat to you. In terms of construction, we are also on the strong side, and it is therefore a device that we do not hesitate to take on the sites. The fact that the brand has thought of the possibility of fixing it in the air is also very interesting to take advantage of its heat even more. With its various settings and excellent performance, I can only recommend it!


Editor’s Note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

stanley construction heater A quick heat up! The electric heater (1800 W) proposed here by Stanley benefits from a ceramic heating element that allows it to be hotter faster as well as to show great longevity. To adapt to all needs, it can be positioned on 2 different heat levels and it also benefits from 3 levels of airflow to circulate the heat and warm up the premises. Designed to be used in all conditions, its design has been reworked to make it both more compact and more resistant to shocks. Its solid structure integrates at the same time a handle that helps to move it easily while in terms of safety, it benefits from a temperature limiter and the presence of a safety fuse.

My Take: Although the prices of the best electric worksite heaters on the market are not far apart, I would still say that this Stanley offers good value for money. With a power rating that falls below 2000W, you shouldn’t expect to heat large volumes but in less than 20 to 25 square meters, it does its job pretty well. I liked the fact that it heats up quite quickly, that it offers the possibility of adjusting the temperature and the blast and that the presence of the ceramic guarantees a pleasant heat, never dry. Nothing to say about its construction either, it’s solid and manageable, and that’s essentially what it’s asked to be. At this price, it’s a good choice and it should definitely be able to meet your expectations.

Trotec TDS 10 M

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

trotec TDS 10 m construction heaters Trotec TDS 10 M is a true auxiliary heater for both private and professional use. It has a power output of 2000 W and heats up to 100 m³/h. It has a ceramic element for a more pleasant heat and an integrated thermostat that helps to maintain a constant temperature, which can be set to two levels (full power or half power). Thanks to its electric operation, the dust in suspension in the workshop or in the construction trailer is not consumed, so as not to pollute the air. Small in size, quiet enough not to disturb, very light (only 1.54 kg) and easy to move where it is needed (its 1.60 m cable brings it easily to an outlet), it also has all the necessary safety features, including protection against overheating.

My opinion: If you are looking for a small, inexpensive heater for your workshop, this is what I recommend from Trotec. With a reduced power compared to the model I presented to you above, it passes under the 50€ mark but for this price, it continues to benefit from the main features and technologies (it is blowing, its thermostat is adjustable, etc.). It’s also safe thanks to its solid shell but on the other hand, it does make a little noise. Not at least disturbing, but it is not the most discreet either! For this price, it is nevertheless a detail which is completely acceptable, more especially as the rise in temperature which it brings is rather fast (in small rooms, obviously). So don’t hesitate to trust it!

rating 4.5 out of 5

Trotec IDE 20

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

trotec ide 20 construction heater the form of a hot air gun! With the Trotec IDE 20, you don’t have to be close to feeling the heat: this oil-fired construction heater uses its power and blower to deliver an airflow of 600 m³/h. This air, both warm and dry to be most pleasant, is perfect for many needs, whether on a construction site, in a warehouse or even in a workshop, especially since a thermostat is integrated in the machine. In addition to its versatility and performance, this machine is also sturdy since it has a metal case and is perfectly safe with its flame control and automatic shut-off in case of an empty tank. Finally, it works with a low-pressure spray for optimal combustion and greater autonomy.

My opinion: Trotec is clearly the brand that convinced me the most, and if you ever want an oil-fired construction heater rather than an electric one, this is the model I would tell you to look at. It is obviously much more efficient than a simple fan heater, and even if this one is one of the smallest in the range, it is already quite sufficient for most indoor renovation projects (it only needs 30 minutes to heat more than 100 m², for example). Once you understand how the thermostat works, its use is very intuitive, and you can even add a remote thermostat to control it better if it is placed far from the work area. Powerful, not too greedy in energy (a maximum of 1.9 l/h at full power) and handy with its handle and its wheels, it will meet your needs.


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

favex site heater like a stove in the workshop! Favex plays with the codes here: as its auxiliary heater works with gas, it lets appear a pretty flame effect fireplace that offers an even better feeling of heat. Thanks to the infrared technology of this model, the heating of the room are immediate, as soon as it is turned on. It also has the advantage of being one of the most economical on the market, especially since it can be set to 3 positions and can cover an area of up to 35 m². Totally safe, with a gas cut-off in case of flame extinction, it is also practical with its 4 wheels and its bottle cover at the back. Compatible with 13 kg bottles for maximum autonomy (up to 107 h), the hose and the regulator are even included.

My opinion: Probably the nicest space heater you will ever find! Because of its gas operation and the fact that it would be a bit heavy to move every day, this Favex is not really made for construction sites but rather to find its place in a place and not move anymore, whether it is in your room, your garage or simply your workshop. If I wanted to present it to you, it’s because in addition to its excellent performance (it heats up fast and strong… besides, its glass is not protected so don’t put your hand on it!), it is rather beautiful and even very pleasant with its flame. The fact that it is easy to use and that it comes with the necessary accessories to connect the bottle also plays in its favor. You can offer it to yourself without hesitation, you won’t regret having it by your side to keep you warm!

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