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The 5 Best Construction Radios in 2022

best worksite radio
Working with music is always more motivating!

The construction site radio is an almost indispensable accessory for all construction professionals, to accompany their long working days with a little music!

But between the simple radios and those with a very high-quality sound, which one to choose? Here is our selection and our opinion to help you find the best construction radio!

What is the best construction radio in 2022?

Makita DMR112 – My favorite

↓ Consider if you already have a battery of the same brand

Bosch Professional GML50

Dewalt DCR020XR

Metabo R 12-18 BT

Bosch Professional GML 18V SoundBoxx

rating 5 out of 5

Bosch Professional GML50

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Bosch Professional GML50 Worksite RadioThe Bosch Professional GML50 worksite radio has two key features above all else: it is 360° protected, and it emits 360° sound! Designed around an aluminium frame, it has integrated protection which makes it very solid since it is able to resist a 3m fall. To adapt to all types of work sites, it also has optimal protection against dust and water projections, but above all, so as not to be forgotten behind the noise of the tools, it is equipped with 4 loudspeakers with an integrated 50W subwoofer. In addition to the radio and MP3, there are numerous connection possibilities (USB, SD card, 2 AUX In and AUX Out sockets), and moreover, remote control is provided to select the music remotely. And since it is designed exclusively for construction sites, to be practical, it is finally equipped with an integrated battery charger (Li-Ion, 14.4 and 18V) as well as 2 230V plugs to connect wired tools.

My opinion: It is impossible to find a more complete construction radio than the Bosch Professional GML50! In addition to multiplying the possible sound sources (radio, MP3, playlist on your smartphone, etc.), the sound delivered is of good quality and really powerful enough for indoor or outdoor use. The aluminium frame, which looks like real armour, makes the device almost unbreakable and totally stable, even if in passing, it also makes it rather heavy since it weighs about ten kilos! However, the real asset comes from the different plugs: the USB one allows for example to recharge your smartphone while you are using it, while the others allow you to always have your batteries full (not 10.8V though) or to help you out with a tool when the plug is too far away. So yes, it’s an expensive construction radio, but given all its qualities, it deserves its price: it’s a professional accessory for professionals!

Makita DMR108

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Makita DMR108 Worksite RadioThe Makita DMR108 worksite radio is a modern accessory as it has a Bluetooth function, with a range of 10m, which makes it easy to play music. It is also equipped with a USB port and 2 jack ports (for MP3 player or iPod), it obviously receives the radio (FM/AM) and has 2 powerful speakers that allow it to emit a very good quality sound. Capable of operating on mains, it can also be used with Makita batteries from 7.2V to 18V (not supplied): in this case, it offers a very long autonomy, up to 35h of music for the radio and the AUX plugs and 20h in Bluetooth with a 5Ah battery. Solid, it has shock absorbers on the corners to resist shocks and metal tubes protect the control panel. Resistant to rain, water, and dust. It also withstands falls of up to 1 m. Finally, thanks to its 4.3kg and its carrying handle, it easily accompanies all professionals to their various work sites.

My opinion: The Makita DMR108 is really an excellent construction radio! Well designed, it manages to find the balance between traditional and modernity: the reception of the radio is good, the search of the stations is simple, the screen is practical, and the sound is of quality, but it is especially possible to connect its smartphone in Bluetooth to control the music remotely. Thanks to the USB port present, it is also possible to recharge this smartphone so that it never runs out of battery. It’s a pity that the device doesn’t go further by offering USB key reading, for example! The fact of being able to use it on the battery is a big advantage, in particular thanks to the fact that this battery can largely hold all the working day. However, it must be purchased in addition, which represents a (small) additional cost. At the same time robust, resistant and light, it is typically the kind of construction radio which represents a good investment and which follows us for several years!

rating 4.5 out of 5

Hitachi UR18DSDL

Editor’s score: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Hitachi UR18DSDL Construction RadioThe Hitachi UR18DSDL construction radio has both style and ruggedness. With its durable, special resin casing equipped with rubber shock absorbers, it is able to withstand bumps and small drops. With its IPX4 protection, the radio is not afraid of water or splashes. For high-quality sound, the device also receives digital radio, which is broadcast via 2 dynamic speakers of 7W. With the high-frequency amplifier, static noise is further reduced for optimal sound. Modern, the device also has a Bluetooth connection, so it can be paired with a smartphone and thus facilitate remote music playback. As it is equipped with a USB port, this smartphone can be plugged in to never run out of battery! Finally, if an AC adapter is provided, this is a radio that also works on Hitachi 14.4V and 18V batteries (not provided this time).

The Hitachi UR18DSDL is a construction radio that we liked for its modern design and many features. In addition to presenting good protection against the risks of construction sites, we can, for example, note that it also has a small case in which you can slip your smartphone while it charges or plays music, which also protects it from water or dust. A very good idea! On the practical side, it is also light (4kg) and easily transportable thanks to its integrated handle. As for the use, its different music sources (FM/AM radio, DAB, Bluetooth, AUX In) allow you to vary according to the mood of the day, the antenna seems to catch the frequencies well, and the sound is of good quality, which is quite essential! With a 5Ah battery, it has very good autonomy (about 19h on the radio). We would tend to find it a little expensive, but as the quality is there, it is a type of construction site which we can only advise to all the professionals!

Metabo 602106000

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Metabo 602106000 Construction RadioThe Metabo 602106000 construction radio, with its protective frame and sturdy plastic case, is an accessory designed for construction sites. Splash, dust and shock resistant, it also has several handles for easy carrying. Usable either in wired version (with its 2.2m power cable), or on 14.4V or 18V batteries, it has in the latter case an autonomy of up to 31h (14h to 18h with a battery of 3Ah). Regarding the sound, it has a digital PLL tuner with LCD display and automatic search for stations (10 are programmable), but thanks to its AUX inputs for CD and MP3, the music sources can be diverse. Finally, its DC output (5V, 500mA) allows you to recharge your cell phone easily while its 12V input facilitates the recharging of batteries used on site.

My opinion: With its dark green colour and its rectangular format, the Metabo 602106000 is clearly a construction radio that does not play on its design to attract attention! However, in terms of its technical characteristics, it really has something to please. It is indeed very easy to use: thanks to its large rotary knobs for sound, stations and volume, it lends itself well to the world of the construction site. The same goes for its various inputs and outputs, making it a useful accessory to have around. Even if with its 5.3kg it is not the lightest, it is on the other hand rather resistant, even outside, and we appreciate in this case the fact that it is usable with a battery, for a quite correct autonomy for one day of work. At the price it is advertised, we regret that it does not have more modern technologies for listening to music (such as Bluetooth or the USB port), but it is still a solid and pleasant work radio, which we can trust.

rating 4 out of 5

Bosch Professional GML 10.8 V

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Bosch Professional GML 10,8 V Construction RadioThe Bosch Professional GML 10,8 V construction radio offers above all a powerful stereo sound, via 2 speakers of 5W, of what to listen to the FM/AM radio in an easy way on the construction site. In addition, up to 10 stations can be programmed for quick retrieval. Thanks to the AUX-In socket, it is also possible to connect an external music player, so you can vary the possibilities. The radio also has the advantage of being very compact and fitting into half of an L-Boxx case, the brand’s tool transport system. So it can be taken along in a practical way! If it works on mains thanks to its supplied power cable, it can also be used on a battery (Li-Ion 10.8V). Finally, even if it is light, it is not less resistant since its reinforced handles protect it in case of fall up to 1m height.

My opinion: The Bosch Professional GML 10,8 V is a construction radio that we found quite simple but rather effective. Its main asset is obviously its practicality: both compact and light (it weighs only 1.4kg), it fits easily in the toolbox, you never forget it, and it can be put anywhere to bring a little music during the working day! Although the options for the choice of this music are still limited (radio and MP3 player), the reception of the radio is rather good, and the sound, even if it is not excellent, is really not bad, especially since you can also adjust the bass and treble. The advantage is that in case of lack of power, you can run it on battery, even if, we must admit it, it just covers the working day with its 2Ah! Finally, as it is also presented at a rather low price, it is a practical construction site radio that can help you out when you don’t have big needs in sound!

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