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The 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner in 2022

Ash vacuum cleaner: No more dust everywhere!

Specifically designed to take care of fireplaces, stoves and even barbecues, they make cleaning easy and ensure a clean job.

From different sizes to downright versatile, here is my selection of the best ash vacuums currently available!

What is the best ash vacuum cleaner in 2022?

  • Einhell TC-AV 1618 D – My favorite
  • Arebos – Professional multi-function vacuum cleaner (ash, water and dust)
  • Bikain DI1200INOX – An excellent value for money
  • Kärcher AD4 Premium – Another good all-round vacuum cleaner
  • Ribimex BabyCen – A handy mini vacuum cleaner

Einhell TC-AV 1618 D

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

einhell tc-av 1618 d ash vacuum cleaner With the Einhell TC-AV 1618 D, cleaning up ashes becomes a breeze! Equipped with a 1200 W motor, it reliably and efficiently sucks up all the finest particles, and since they are captured by an integrated pleated filter, there is no risk of them entering the air. The filtration system is further enhanced by the presence of a pre-filter. Thanks to a large 18 L tank, this device can also be used several times in a row without needing to be emptied after each use, and it is absolutely not afraid of ashes that are still slightly hot since the aluminium suction pipe is reinforced with a metal layer. Finally, it makes work easier with its handle that allows you to carry it easily and hold it high to vacuum a barbecue, for example.

My opinion: I’ve had a lot of ash vacuums in my hands and I have to admit that this Einhell TC-AV 1618 D is the one that has most easily managed to rank as my favourite! Indeed, I find that it has exactly what it takes to make its use as pleasant as possible. The power is there, the tank has a very generous capacity, which is ideal to last several days before emptying it, and most importantly, unlike many models on the market, it even benefits from a pre-filter to prevent ashes from clogging, which allows you to keep maximum suction. And while it’s not used every day, it also works as a blower if you place the duct over its air outlet! It’s almost flawless, so I can’t recommend it enough.


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Arebos ash vacuum cleaner Multifunction! This Arebos is not just an ash vacuum cleaner, it is a professional-type machine that leaves absolutely nothing out, whether it is dust or even liquids. To offer this versatility, it is equipped with various accessories, including a pleated filter for fine particle suction, a foam filter for “wet” suction, a combination brush for carpets and smooth floors and a flat nozzle to get into all those hard-to-reach places. Thanks to its 2300 W, the suction power is excellent and the tank, as well as the suction hose, are of course made of metal to get rid of ashes without any risk. The 30 L tank allows for extended use and the swivel wheels make it easy to move the unit.

My opinion: Why buy a device that has only one function when you can have a vacuum cleaner that meets all your needs? If I wanted to introduce you to these Arebos, it’s because it’s extremely practical with their many accessories and their various functions. Thanks to it, you will be able to get rid of the ashes in your fireplace, in your pellet stove or in your barbecue as well as maintain your garage, your workshop and even your interior. You can use it everywhere and the best thing about it is that it does it well. I have no complaints about its performance, it is easy to use, and to make matters worse, its design makes it rather discreet. If you like multi-functional machines, you’ll love this one!

Bikain DI1200INOX

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Bikain DI1200INOX ash vacuum cleaner with stainless steel tank for safe use! The Bikain DI1200INOX is not only distinguished by its safe and solid tank that has a capacity of 20 L: it is an ash vacuum cleaner that is also equipped with a powerful 1200 W motor to catch everything in its path. Thanks to its 1 m long hose and 35 mm tube diameter, it takes only a few seconds to remove all residues from fireplaces, stoves and barbecues. Its pleated filter ensures that all fine particles are captured and none escape through its air outlet (where the hose can be connected for a blower function). Finally, it has a handle that is as practical for transport as it is for lifting it for cleaning at height.

My opinion: Probably the best quality/price ratio you can find! This Bikain DI1200INOX was a good surprise for this test: I did not expect to be so satisfied with its performance for such a reasonable price. It sucks very efficiently, it is easy to handle thanks to its large handle and what I particularly appreciated is that the filter is even protected by a pre-filter. It wears out less quickly and the suction does not lose power the more you use it. You can keep it longer and the power remains the same. I still have a doubt about the durability of the plastic hose which is not reinforced and can be damaged quickly if it comes into contact with warm ashes. But all in all, it’s still a very good choice!

Kärcher AD4 Premium

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

kärcher ad4 premium2-in-1 ash vacuum cleaner, for ashes, but also for dust! The Kärcher AD4 Premium is a vacuum cleaner that has been entirely designed to offer more versatility and participate in both the maintenance of the fireplace and stove as well as the garage or workshop. Its versatility is ensured by the presence of 2 suction tubes and a floor brush, while its efficiency in all areas is based on a double filtration system (a first classic pleated filter and a second filter at the air outlet). It is easy to handle thanks to its light and compact tank, which makes it possible to empty the ashes very easily, and it is also practical since there are places on its shell to store all the accessories. Its lifespan is also guaranteed by a declogging function that clears the filter and gives the appliance its maximum suction power!

My opinion: Another good multifunction vacuum cleaner! Just like the Arebos I introduced above, this Kärcher AD4 Premium has the advantage of not only being used for vacuuming ashes: you can use it all year round and much more regularly. Although it can’t help you get rid of liquids, it does a nice job on everything else thanks to a powerful vacuum that never loses power. The fact that it is on wheels is very convenient to move it where you need it and even if it is only an aesthetic detail, I also liked the fact that it adopts a nice matte black, which is more elegant than the traditional metallic grey of the stainless steel tanks. A good alternative in this category of versatile appliances!

Ribimex BabyCen

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Ribimex babycen ash vacuum cleaner is Compact but powerful! Unlike many ash vacuums, the Ribimex BabyCen deliberately opts for a small size to make it ideal for small spaces, especially for cleaning pellet stoves, for example. In addition to being only 33 cm high and 19 cm wide, it is also equipped with a small duct that allows for great precision in the gesture (no more long tubes that are not easy to handle and are also cumbersome when it comes to storage), especially since a large handle offers optimal handling. Thanks to its 4 L tank capacity, it is never heavy since it weighs only 1.5 kg and can therefore be used by anyone.

My opinion: A very well-designed mini vacuum cleaner! Before I tried it, I didn’t know if this Ribimex BabyCen was really going to be practical, but in fact, it is: on its own, it offers a whole new cleaning experience! Don’t be fooled by its small size, it may be compact but it vacuums as well as any other model in this selection, above all, thanks to this format, it is super handy and can be easily stored, even behind the stove, for example. It also has the same high-performance filters as the larger units and does not release any micro-particles. However, it does not have a pre-filter and it must be admitted that with this size, it is only intended for stoves and not really for fireplaces. However, it is definitely a good compromise if you know that you are going to have trouble finding space in your home for a larger appliance.

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