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The 7 Best LED Construction Light in 2022

LED Construction Light: Seeing perfectly clearly is important!

Whether it’s for precision work or to ensure safety, light on construction sites is often essential.

To meet your needs, here is my selection of the best-LED construction site lights you can find on the market!

What is the best construction site floodlight in 2022?

↓ Professional and 360° lighting

DeWalt DCL074-XJ – My favourite and amazing, you won’t be able to live without it (5000 lumens)

MeFard 100W – Tripod mounted and one of the most powerful on the market (12000 lumens)

↓ Consider if you already have a battery of the same brand

  • Bosch Professional GLI 18V-2200 C – 2200 lumens
  • DeWalt DCL077-XJ – 2000 lumens
  • Ryobi R18TL-0 18V – 2700 lumens
  • Makita DEADML805 – 750 lumens

↓ Cheap

  • Hychika 50W – Complicated to do better for less than 40€

DeWalt DCL074-XJ

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Dewalt dcl074-xj LED Jobsite to brighten the illumination of the entire workspace! The DeWalt DCL074-XJ worksite spotlight features a 360-degree beam of light, plus a precision-designed lens to provide great clarity all around. Its light intensity is up to 5000 lumens and, with 3 settings, this light can be adjusted according to your needs (the first level at 1500 lumens and a second one at 3200). With its sturdy cage, it is perfectly equipped to withstand worksite environments (also with an IP54 rating for water and dust), and it even has a tripod mount and a hanging hook for use as versatile as it is practical.

My Take: This LED projector is really top-notch! I’ve been trying different ones for a while now and of all the models I’ve tested in real-life conditions, this DeWalt surpasses all the others in my eyes. First of all, the 360° brightness is incredible and the power level is perfect: it is bright without being blinding. The box is also a real success, and thanks to a Bluetooth connection, you can even control it remotely, with your smartphone. If I had to recommend only one, it would clearly be this one!

MeFard 100W

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Mefard 100w led floodlights LED floodlight that doesn’t do things by halves! Whether it’s for construction sites or even outdoor events, the MeFard 100W has a very high brightness as it reaches 12,000 lumens. With its 360° lighting angle, it is, therefore, able to illuminate the entire work site without having to move it. It also has 3 different types of applications: on its tripod, in table lamp mode (the removal of the tripod is done by simply removing a few screws) or suspended thanks to the cord provided. For perfect security and great durability, it is also waterproof (IP64), with ground wire and a double insulation structure for the light.

My opinion: Hyper powerful, this is what comes to my mind first to talk about this MeFard 100W! With its 12,000 lumens, it is very difficult to find an equivalent on the market and when you use it, the difference is clear. If you regularly need to illuminate large work areas, this is probably the model that will be most useful to you, especially since it knows how to be versatile with its different uses. This work light is really good investment!

rating 4.5 out of 5

Bosch Professional GLI 18V-2200 C

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Bosch professional Gli 18v-2200 c led construction light with its 2200 lumens, the Bosch Professional GLI 18V-2200 C is an LED construction light capable of being an excellent source of light to keep working accurately and safely, even in dark places. It is optimally designed with a waterproof seal and a battery cover to protect it from dust and water splashes. Thanks to a Bluetooth connection, it is also possible to control it remotely, from a smartphone, especially to adjust its brightness. It offers 2 different settings, with a reduced power mode at 950 lumens that helps to benefit from a longer autonomy. (An 18 V 5 Ah battery can in these conditions offer up to 8 hours of autonomy).

My opinion: With Bosch Professional, quality is almost always the order of the day, and this is once again the case with this projector. In addition to an excellent luminosity, the unit is very solid, rather compact, easily adjustable and movable at will thanks to the large handle and the low weight. The batteries also give it good autonomy, enough to last a whole day. If your portable tools are from this brand, their affordable price makes it a very good choice.

rating 4.5 out of 5

DeWalt DCL077-XJ

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Dewalt dcl077-xj LED construction light Everything you need to make yourself useful on the construction site! With the DeWalt DCL077-XJ, lighting is provided by a powerful light beam, which can go up to 2000 lumens. Fully adjustable, it also offers 3 different levels, with a minimum of 500 lumens, to save battery life, for example (which can be in 12 V or 18 V). Its multi-position handle is also very practical as it allows you to position it in the right way so that it lights up the desired area perfectly (a thread is also present for mounting on a tripod). Finally, it respects the IP54 standard, which means that it is protected against dust and water infiltration.

My opinion: If I selected this other DeWalt work light, it’s because it’s the perfect alternative to my favourite if you already own batteries from this brand (especially since these batteries can give you up to 20 hours of autonomy). Its brightness is indeed great to work efficiently and thanks to its compact size and ingenious handle, it has no problem being practical, no matter the conditions.

Ryobi R18TL-0 18V

Editor’s Note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

ryobi r18tl-0 18v led construction lights Ryobi R18TL-0 18V is not just a simple LED construction light, but also comes with a tripod. Thanks to this telescopic handle (whose feet are adjustable according to the ground and the presence of a slope), it is possible to make it reach a height of 1.70 m and it is not the only point on which it is practical: it swivelling head allows a rotation of 310° and thanks to various points of suspension, its light beam can be directed in almost all the directions. Its brightness reaches 2700 lumens and is adjustable on 3 levels. Finally, the set folds up in a very compact format to facilitate storage and displacement.

My opinion: What I like about this Ryobi is that it offers a different model from the competition, already mounted on its tripod for an instant more versatile use. The design is also good, it’s solid, it’s stable and the fact that you can fold it up completely is well thought out. In a price range similar to other brands, this is a great option if you already own ONE+ tools!

rating 3.5 out of 5

Makita DEADML805

Editor’s Note: 3.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Makita deadml805 LED construction site light is ideal for construction sites, the Makita DEADML805 differs from most LED lights in that it has 2 modes of operation: it can either be powered by mains or the brand’s 18V battery. This means that if the workday is longer than expected and the battery is discharged, it can still be used. For clarity, its light intensity is 750 lumens, with a minimum setting of 450 lumens. Both compact and light (2.6 kg excluding battery), it is also easily rotatable at 360 °. For use whatever the conditions, its XPT technology finally limits the infiltration of water and dust.

My opinion: The perfect mix! There are few construction site lights that work on both battery and mains power, and that alone is reason enough to choose this model. It also has many advantages, such as its great handling and its perfect solidity, worthy of the quality of manufacture of a brand like Makita. With “only” 750 lumens, it’s a little hard to compete with some other models, but as long as your workspaces aren’t huge, you won’t notice the difference too much.

rating 4 out of 5

Hychika 50W

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Hychika 50w LED construction light with 80 LEDs for a light intensity reaching 5500 lumens! The Hychika 50W is a projector both powerful and practical, which meets all expectations, whether indoors or outdoors (IP65 waterproof rating). It can be rotated 360° to send its light where it is needed, its right-angle stand offers perfect stability and it folds up to take up as little space as possible. Extremely resistant to both cold and heat, its tempered glass front perfectly protects the LEDs while its aluminium casing allows for rapid heat dissipation. Its 3m long power cable guarantees great freedom of use.

My opinion: If your budget is limited, this Hychika 50W is a LED construction light that should interest you. For less than 40€, I think you’ll have a hard time finding a better one! On test, it was a good surprise: its brightness is good, it’s quite powerful and at the same time well-designed thanks to its minimalist but perfectly adjustable structure. It’s a simple, efficient and cheap model that should have no trouble satisfying you!

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