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The best motorcycle lift in 2022

The 5 Best Bridges/Motorcycle Lifts and Crutches of the 2022 Workshop
motorcycle lift
Take good care of your bike!

In your workshop or in your garage, these accessories are simply indispensable for the maintenance and repair of two-wheelers.

Whether it’s an elevator or a stand, I present you with my selection of the best motorcycle lifts on the market!

What is the best motorcycle lift in 2022?

  • WilTec-My favorite (max 680kg)
  • VidaXL – Very good lift table for -1000€ (max 450kg)
  • Kyoto LEV103 – Good little lift that does the job for cheap (max 160kg)

↓ Workshop stand

  • MSW Motor Technics – Kit 2 front and rear stands (max 200kg)
  • WilTec – Rear stand, pro-quality (max 317kg)

rating 5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

wiltec motorcycle lift, ultra-versatile elevator! To find its place among all the people who like to do mechanics, this motorcycle lift from WilTec is designed to accommodate motorcycles as well as quads or even mowers. For that, its platform is made up of 2 support surfaces 31 cm long with an anti-skid rubber plate and also 2 fixing points to guarantee the balance of the machine. It is robust and able to support a maximum load of up to 680 kg, enough to support even the heaviest machines, and it offers easy lifting and lowering thanks to the presence of pedals. (The maximum lifting height is 38 cm.) Finally, it is equipped with 2 swivel wheels and 2 fixed wheels to be moved and stored easily as needed.

My opinion: At the top! In my opinion, this WilTec is the motorcycle lift that perfectly bridges the gap between professional tools and cheaper ones for private use. Of course, I could make a few criticisms, such as the fact that the assembly instructions could be more detailed (it is only delivered partially assembled) and that the width of the platform is a bit too narrow (especially for quads). But these elements can be put into perspective, and this is the main reason why it has become my favorite model. It is reliable, solid, and easy to handle: you can slide it under the bike without any problem, the pedals and the jack do the job, and everything is done to keep your bike stable. At this price, it’s the kind of equipment you can’t afford to miss. It will be very useful!


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

vidaxl motorcycle lift is more than just a bridge, the VidaXL motorcycle lift is a lifting table to ensure perfect stability and even more convenient maintenance. Equipped with a high-quality hydraulic pump and operated by a foot pedal, it is capable of lifting up to a height of 78 cm, lowering to 20 cm from the ground and supporting a load of up to 450 kg. Thanks to the removable ramp, placing the bike is child’s play and it can then be held in place by a front wheel lock (up to 170 mm wide) and by straps since 2 hooks are present. In addition to a solid structure, the wheels finally guarantee perfect stability during use and great mobility to be moved at will.

My opinion: If you want/need to equip your workshop with a very good lifting table, look no further, it is this VidaXL that I recommend! In addition to being under the symbolic 1000€ mark, it really has everything of a great one. If you want to work on your bike, you will appreciate the fact that it is of excellent quality, that it offers all the safety features to keep your bike in place and that its lifting height allows you to work in a comfortable way. It would have benefited from being a little wider (to be able to put the bike on its stand, for example) and from having slightly more solid pedals, but these are really details that don’t spoil the overall good impression, especially since it arrives almost already assembled. It’s a very good value for money for this type of bike lift!

rating 4 out of 5

Kyoto LEV103

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Kyoto lev103 motorcycle liftSimple and effective! With its LEV103, Kyoto offers a motorcycle lift that can be used by anyone, from experienced mechanic to enthusiast who wants to pamper their bike. Made of high-quality steel, it can lift a maximum load of 160 kg and is equipped with a lever to make the manoeuvre as accessible and convenient as possible. With a minimum height of 29 cm, it can fit under most models, and since it reaches up to 41 cm high, it makes maintenance and repairs more comfortable. Its generous size (29.5 x 20.5 cm) helps ensure the stability of the machine. Finally, it is quick to assemble and as it weighs only a little more than 5 kg, it is easy to store after use.

My opinion: Ideal for occasional maintenance and repairs! This Kyoto LEV103 is what I would call a good little motorcycle lift that has both the advantage of being cheap and doing its job well. As long as you don’t ask too much of it (anyway, with a maximum of 160 kg, it is not able to lift the biggest machines), it can meet all your expectations. I also appreciated the fact that it is really quick to assemble, that it provides all the necessary stability and that it exudes quality of manufacture: you can put your motorcycle on it with confidence, even to save space when parking. This is an elevator that you can afford with your eyes closed, it will not disappoint you!

MSW Motor Technics

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

MSW motor technics motorcycle lift set of 2 workshops stands for versatility! This MSW Motor Technics motorcycle lift is fully designed to make maintenance, repairs or even parking of two wheels easier with its independent stand system. Useful to lift the front, the back or even to lift the whole motorcycle, each element is equipped with both 4 rubberized wheels and a long lever to facilitate the manoeuvre, especially to be pushed without effort. Thanks to the presence of wedges, they also ensure excellent stability, especially since their careful manufacture in carbon steel makes them ultra strong and they have a load capacity of 200 kg each. Finally, they have the advantage of being compact and compatible with most motorcycle models.

My opinion: A very good alternative to elevators! If you want a less bulky and more flexible accessory to lift your motorcycle, you should consider these stands from MSW Motor Technics. They have indeed all the most essential assets on a motorcycle lift, in particular, robust construction to guarantee the stability of your machine but also a well-thought-out adjustment system to be used on a large majority of models. Very simple and quick to assemble, I appreciated that they have 4 wheels and a large handle on each element to make moving less tiring. They may be a bit light with their 200 kg but unless you have a big car, it will fit perfectly. In this category of crutches, this is a good choice!

rating 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

wiltec kickstand motorcycle lift to meet all needs! This rear stand from WilTec is the essential accessory to facilitate a large number of tasks, whether it’s simple chain lubrication or a tire change. As a motorcycle lift, it is able to offer a lifting height of up to 31 cm, but it is especially its aluminium construction that makes it very efficient since it can support a maximum load of up to 317 kg. Thanks to its arm width ranging from 255 to 360 mm, it can also accommodate a very large number of two-wheelers. The handle at the back and the two wheels allow you to move the bike without having to make too much effort, especially with the help of a third person.

My opinion: Nothing like professional quality to feel confident! If you’re looking for a stand you can rely on, this WilTec will do the job perfectly. The manufacturing is indeed excellent: even if at first sight one could doubt it, we are here on very solid aluminium which gives in a rather nice look to this accessory. In terms of use, I have nothing to reproach it, it is very easy to handle and it does not fail at all when it comes to lifting the bike, even if it is quite heavy. The stability is great and it’s really the perfect kind of support for wintering. It’s not even the most expensive one, although it’s one of the best. So don’t hesitate!

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