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The Best trimmers in 2022

Levelling, rounding, chamfering, grooving… the possible uses are numerous and this machine is often very practical for a perfect result.

Whether you prefer battery-powered or corded tools, I invite you to discover my selection of the best graders on the market!

What are the Best trimmers in 2022?

↓ Battery powered

  • Bosch Professional GKF 12V-8 – My favourite
  • DeWalt DCW604NT-XJ – Pro Router Router
  • Ryobi R18TR-0 – A good choice in cordless

↓ Corded

  • Bosch Professional GKF-600 – My favourite
  • Makita 3709 – A great value for the money
  • Katsu – Cheap, you can’t do better for 50€.

rating 5 out of 5

Bosch Professional GKF 12V-8

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

bosch professional gfk 12v-8The world’s first 12V trimmer! The Bosch Professional GKF 12V-8 is ultra handy, whether it’s because of its compact and ergonomic size, its lightness or the fact that it’s cordless, and it’s also capable of offering professional results for machining wood or even plastic. Its 8 mm diameter milling head is equipped with a micrometric adjustment to adjust the cutting depth, which can be locked for precise work. For maximum safety during use, the machine also has a stop function and a finger guard. Finally, it comes with 2 x 12V 3Ah batteries, so you can enjoy up to 42 minutes of autonomy.

My opinion: By far my favourite of all the battery-powered scourers! It’s very simple, this Bosch Professional really has everything you need for quality work. It’s powerful, it offers great freedom of movement, it’s light and the brand did a great job with its balance and stability, with a perfectly placed centre of gravity. It’s a real pleasure to use! It may not fit all professional needs (as it is, it is only equipped with an 8 mm cutter for example) but for everything else, it is top-notch. And what is even better is that it is even proposed without a battery or charger if you are already equipped. I recommend it without hesitation!

DeWalt DCW604NT-XJ

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Dewalt dcw604nt-xj This is more than just a trimmer! With its DCW604NT-XJ, DeWalt offers a router for even more versatile work (a base for each function is provided). Cordless, the machine benefits from a powerful motor that benefits from an electronic speed variator to adapt to the materials. For milling of different depths, the stop barrel has 5 stages while the spindle lock allows a quick and easy change of accessories. Two LED lights provide optimal visibility, while the coating dampens vibrations for greater comfort. The device is delivered without a battery but it is compatible with all the 18 V batteries of the brand.

In my opinion: Ideal to combine with a single tool the 2 features with many similarities! Whether it’s for your professional activity or because you love to tinker with quality machines, this DeWalt that combines a router and a flusher is an excellent choice. Powerful (up to 25,000 RPM), robust, fine… everything is there for an impeccable job. The fact that it is cordless makes it very easy to handle, which is an additional advantage. (It’s a pity that for the price, the battery is not included!) It is complete, and well designed and if you like this brand (and you already own tools or at least some batteries…), you will clearly not regret owning it!

Ryobi R18TR-0

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Ryobi r18tr-0 trimmerGreat precision for finishing jobs! The Ryobi R18TR-0 has a micrometre adjustment that makes bevels and other decorative elements a snap. It is also equipped with a quick-release lever that allows you to adjust the working depth perfectly and without losing time. Cordless and compatible with all the brand’s 18V ONE+ batteries (from both DIY and gardening tools), it is both light and handy, while its LED lighting offers optimal visibility. Delivered alone, it is nevertheless provided with 2 bars of different diameters, a first one of 6 mm and the second one of 6.35 mm.

My opinion: If you want to buy a cordless trimmer but your budget does not match that of the pro machines, I recommend this Ryobi! The work it is capable of doing is quite decent and it is not lacking in power. Its adjustments are precise, it is obviously very handy and rather comfortable to guide. If you don’t use 5 Ah batteries, the autonomy will, unfortunately, be rather short and as it is, you can’t use any other drill than the 6 mm and 1/4″. But at this price, it is still a good choice for craftsmen and DIYers, especially if you already have ONE+ at home!

rating 5 out of 5

Bosch Professional GKF-600

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

bosch professional gfk-600 trimmer specifically designed for precise edge milling and edging! The GKF-600 trimmer from Bosch Professional features infinitely variable depth adjustment and backlash-free clamping for accurate work. In addition to being powerful thanks to its 600 W motor, it is also both compact and particularly handy thanks to its ergonomic design that offers the possibility of guiding it with one hand. Complete and versatile, it can be used for different applications since it is also delivered with 2 collets with clamping nuts (one of 6 mm, one of 8 mm), a guiding head, a parallel stop and a case to store and transport easily all these accessories.

My opinion: My favourite wire grader! It’s not really a surprise that Bosch Professional managed to convince me so much: their machines are generally of high quality and they correspond to the expectations of professionals as well as to the desires of those who like to do it themselves. With this model, you won’t have to worry about making all your bevels and so on: it has enough power (even on solid wood, for example), it’s not at all complicated to set up and use, and it’s even rather handy thanks to its lightness and its well thought-out design. Accompanied by its case, all its accessories and for a lower price than wireless, you can choose it with your eyes closed!

Makita 3709

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Makita 3709 trimmer is As powerful as it is fun to use! The Makita 3709 is a trimmer with a 530W motor and a 6mm cutter for high-quality work. It is precisely depth-adjustable via a rack and pinion, and has a roller guide for beveling and a transparent base for optimal visibility during use. Light (it weighs only 1.8 kg), it is at the same time comfortable thanks to the soft grip coating on its handle. In this simple version, it is finally delivered with a rip fence but it is available in different sets, with 6 extra burs or even routers for more versatility.

My opinion: Probably one of the best quality/price ratios among all the corded routers on the market! Makita once again lives up to its reputation as a reliable brand with this model that has everything you would expect from a machine of this type. If it doesn’t have the performance of a pro tool, it is perfect for small finishing jobs, for craftsmen as well as for individuals. Its power is good, its use is simple, its ergonomics is excellent, its results are clean and its price is accessible. You’d have to be very demanding not to like it!

rating 3.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 3.5 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Katsu ScalerPower in a small body! The Katsu is a grader with a 710 W motor and a solid aluminium frame to handle a wide range of applications. It has a variable speed via a thumbwheel and an adjustable and easily lockable milling depth. Equipped with a 6 mm diameter cutter, it is also supplied with 8 and 10 mm collets to be more flexible and match more projects. As for its design, it’s perfectly ergonomic, it’s comfortable to handle and steer thanks to its soft grip coating and it even has a dust extraction system for more comfortable use.

My Take: If you have a limited budget for a grader, look no further, this Katsu is the one that should do the trick! From design to performance, it mimics a Makita and that’s clearly to its advantage. It is also nice to handle, it has as much power and the fact that it comes with bits of different diameters is very interesting. However, it is a little less precise when it comes to depth adjustment and sometimes it tends to get a little hot. But for an inexpensive model, it still does very well and it should be very useful for the different projects you have in mind!

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