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What is the best construction vacuum cleaner in 2022?

Best construction vacuum cleaner: Forget about dust flying everywhere!

When you’re drilling, sawing or sanding, a vacuum cleaner is an essential accessory to collect the dust created directly. The job sites are cleaner, but the person handling the tool appreciates it too!

Whether they are connected to power tools or used in a more traditional way, there are many models on the market. So here is our selection and reviews to help you find the best vacuum cleaner!

The 6 Best Construction vacuum cleaners in 2022

↓ Top of the line

  • Bosch Professional GAS 35 M
  • Makita 447LX

↓ Good value for money

  • Kärcher WD6P
  • Bosch Professional GAS 20 L

↓ Cheap

  • Kärcher WD3
  • Bosch UniversalVac 15

Bosch Professional GAS 35 M

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Bosch Professional GAS 35 M Construction Vacuum Cleaner The Bosch Professional GAS 35 M Construction Vacuum Cleaner has the ability to be totally versatile as it is able to suck up both water and dust for complete use. With a power of 1380W and an automatic filter cleaning system (AFC), its suction power is constant, and its suction power is continuously adjustable. Its tank for solids has a gross capacity of 35L (23L net), while the tank for liquids has a net volume of 19.2L. In terms of design, in addition to being equipped with integrated brackets for attaching accessories and a socket for connecting power tools, an L-BOXX case can be clipped onto the machine to facilitate the transport and movement of all tools. Finally, it comes with several accessories, including 3 suction tubes, 1 elbow, 1 narrow nozzle, 1 set of articulated brush nozzles, 1 flat pleated filter and 1 disposable bag.

My opinion: The Bosch Professional GAS 35 M is the essential vacuum cleaner for working in a more serene way, finally rid of the dust that quickly invades the room! Whether or not you have the brand’s tools (the device is indeed capable of adapting), it almost makes all the dust emitted during sanding, drilling, sawing, etc. disappear thanks to its excellent suction. If the user is therefore protected, it is also possible, for the most sensitive, to add additional filters. As far as use is concerned, the capacities of the different tanks are more than enough for long works; the 5m hose, with sleeve and antistatic, makes it practical and avoids having to move it constantly; it is also robust and we appreciated that its wheels do not leave traces on the floors (since it is still quite heavy with its 18.9kg). It even comes with nozzles for more conventional use. Except for its price, it is a vacuum cleaner that has only advantages. A very good investment!

Makita 447LX

Editor’s Note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Makita 447LX Vacuum CleanerThe Makita 447LX Vacuum Cleaner is specially designed to be connected to power tools to reduce the amount of dust generated during work. It is also capable of removing liquids from its 20L tank (equipped with a float that detects when it is full and automatically stops the vacuum cleaner), while dry materials are collected in a large 45L tank. Equipped with an Xclean filter, the latter is cleaned automatically during the use of the device so that the dust is indeed captured and does not come back to bother the user. The presence of an antistatic device also eliminates electrical discharges and dust that sticks to the hose. Several accessories complete its use, including 2 suction tubes with 2 adapters, 1 angled handle, 1 flat nozzle, 1 brush, 1 paper bag and 1 plastic bag.

My opinion: The Makita 447LX is a vacuum cleaner that we found very powerful! With its 1500W, it has the necessary power to vacuum efficiently, whether it is dust or liquids, and we especially appreciated that the brand provides 2 adapters because we are not always equipped with tools of the same brand! Result: the site is immediately a little cleaner! Not too noisy, it is not very heavy either for a device specially intended for professional use (15.8kg), especially as the wheels allow to transport and move it easily. The tanks also have a large volume: you can work without worrying about them filling up too quickly. Between its 7.5m power cord and its 3m/3.5m hoses, you also have a wide range of action. And since it comes with the most important accessories, it really does have everything needed to make it fun to use! Once again, this is a vacuum cleaner that requires real investment, but it’s an investment that pays off!

Kärcher WD6P

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Kärcher WD6PL construction vacuum cleaner The Kärcher WD6P vacuum cleaner is particularly aimed at homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, for the maintenance of their garage, basement, workshop, etc. With the suction power of a professional device (2000W, with the integrated regulator on the button), it is capable of removing dust, but also rubble and liquids. With its 30L, its tank offers a large storage capacity, and a practical drain plug allows to empty the water in a quick way. It comes with all the necessary accessories to ensure that it can be used in any situation, including 1 nozzle to suck up the heaviest dust, 1 combination nozzle, stainless steel tubes, 1 flexible hose and 1 triple thickness bag for better filtration. Finally, it is compatible with the use of power tools: a plug on the device allows you to connect them, and a flexible hose allows you to connect the vacuum cleaner directly to the tool used.

My opinion: The Kärcher WD6P is the best value for money vacuum cleaner for us! In addition to its high suction power, it has a number of technical features that make it really pleasant to use. In addition to its drain plug and power regulator, it has a blower function, for example. But it is especially the filter cleaning function that seduced us: you just have to press a button to send pulsed air that frees the filter of its dirt and gives the device all its suction performance! And of course, to avoid wasting too much time vacuuming after doing odd jobs, we appreciate the presence of a flexible hose that can be connected to the tool! This vacuum cleaner could have been a little more discreet, or been equipped with a longer hose, but in the end, between its price, its equipment and its efficiency, it really has something to please any handyman!

Bosch Professional GAS 20 L

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Bosch Professional GAS 20 The Bosch Professional GAS 20 L vacuum cleaner has a 1200W suction turbine, which gives it powerful suction power, whether for water or dust. Its 19L tank, with a good capacity, is equipped with level control that automatically stops the machine when it is full. If the filtration is able to protect the user (class L according to the European standard), the filter is also easy to clean thanks to the presence of a semi-automatic cleaning system (SFC). Among the accessories provided (set of 2 nozzles, 1 hose, 2 tubes, 1 bag), a universal adapter for power tools is especially present, to collect the dust as soon as it is created. An integrated socket on the vacuum cleaner also allows their connection. To please all DIYers, a blower function is finally available, to dry paint faster, for example.

My opinion: The Bosch Professional GAS 20 L is a vacuum cleaner that we really liked for its performance, its overall design and especially its price! You can’t fault its suction capabilities: it makes everything disappear, dust, small debris or rubble and even liquids. If the essential point is fulfilled, we can also specify that connecting it to the tool we use is child’s play, which is the other important detail to be sure to have in your hands a practical device. Moreover, it is pleasant to use thanks to its various technical features (blower, plug, filtration cleaning, etc.), but also thanks to its compact and rather a light format (6kg empty) that allows you to take it everywhere you work. Even the tubes can be stored on the device! We could make some comments on the accessories present, which could have been more worked, but we cannot be too demanding given the affordable price. A very good vacuum cleaner for small professional jobs or for home use!

Kärcher WD3

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Kärcher WD3 Vacuum CleanerThe Kärcher WD3 vacuum cleaner is multifunctional: thanks to its filter designed in a special material, it is able to suck up water and dust without requiring a change in the filtration system. All this happens in its 17L stainless steel tank, which has a Pull & Pushes system that simplifies its opening. With its 1400W suction power, it is ideally suited to help with DIY jobs and floor cleaning in the garage, workshop or even the car. It also comes with a floor nozzle with wheels, which is very handy, easily unclogged and optimizes airflow so that it doesn’t interfere with the vacuuming. (Other accessories include 1 long nozzle, 2 suction tubes, 1 cartridge filter and 1 paper filter bag). A blower function completes the use, whether to collect leaves in the garden or to gather dust in a corner.

My opinion: The Kärcher WD3 is a small vacuum cleaner that, at first glance, does not look like much, but it is quite effective and very practical! If it’s primarily used at home, where you usually do DIY, it’s a great help: its suction power is not to be questioned, the nozzle provided is suitable for sucking up large plaster dust as well as small puddles, and moreover, with its 2m hose, 4m power cable and its lightweight plus wheels for moving, it’s really very handy! Even its blower function can be useful. The only real criticism is that it doesn’t have a flexible hose that allows you to connect it directly to a power tool, to make the dust disappear before it even touches the ground! For the price, however, it is an efficient vacuum cleaner that can even find its place in the house, replacing a canister vacuum cleaner. A sensible and judicious choice!

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