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What is the best electric stapler in 2022?

Best electric stapler: The technical and practical evolution of the manual stapler!

An electric stapler is a popular tool for do-it-yourselfers because it makes fastening work easier. Faster than a manual stapler, and able to work continuously, the device is also light and easy to handle!

However, there are many models available on the market, and not all of them are suitable for the same type of work. Here is our selection and our opinion to help you find the best electric stapler!

The 6 Best Electric Stapler in 2022

  • Bosch PTK 14 EDT
  • Bosch PTK 3,6 LI
  • Varo POWX138
  • Skil 8200AC
  • PowerPlus POW737
  • Apollo Precision Tools

Bosch PTK 14 EDT

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Bosch PTK 14 EDT Electric StaplerThe Bosch PKT 14 EDT electric stapler was designed to offer both the performance sought by professionals but also the ease of use desired by DIYers. A real practical tool, this device is capable of stapling and nailing all kinds of materials (wood, cardboard, fabric, film, leather, etc.) to wood in a fast way (30 strokes/min). Better yet, its DuoTac system even offers the possibility of applying 2 staples per stroke for a stronger fastening! Thanks to its electronically controlled impact force, the stapled materials are never damaged, and the Push & Release system makes handling easy: by leaving the handle engaged, stapling is done in series, to save time. Supplied with 1000 staples of 10mm length, the device is able to accommodate staples between 6 and 14mm as well as nails of 14mm length. The magazine is also easy to fill and has a fill level indicator.

My opinion: The Bosch PKT 14 EDT is an electric stapler that impressed us with its efficiency! Thanks to the adjustable stapling power (6 different speeds), the staples and nails go into the material without any difficulty, even when it is a rather hard wood. The shock return in the handle is also almost non-existent, which really makes working comfortable and enjoyable! In addition to being fast with 30 strokes per minute and easy to use, the fact that you can activate an option to double the number of staples at will is a really good idea when you want a strong fastener. The device is also very practical, whether in terms of its ergonomics, its design that allows it to be placed flush with surfaces, or its 2.5m power cord that offers great freedom of movement. Except for the fact that it is quite expensive and comes only in a simple box, it is definitely an electronic stapler that is almost flawless!

Bosch PTK 3,6 LI – Cordless stapler

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Electric StaplerThe Bosch PTK 3.6 LI is a cordless electric stapler, which runs on a Li-Ion battery that has the advantage of no memory effect or self-discharge. Small, light and compact, it stands out from all the other devices for offering one of the best handlings. With its design based on a perfect grip (Soft Grip and wide trigger), it is easy to handle, and the Push & Release system allows you to start typing by simply pressing the nose and the trigger at the same time. The presence of a charge level indicator and a reserve indicator also allows the user to know at any time the autonomy of the device, the staple magazine is also easy to fill. Usable with staples from 4 to 10mm long, its use is finally multiple, whether inside, outside, or on soft or hard materials.

My opinion: The electric stapler Bosch PTK 3.6 LI has many assets! Solid, reliable, powerful, light, and easy to handle, we were won over from the first use! It must be said that it represents the perfect combination between the efficiency of a corded electric stapler and the pleasant grip of a manual stapler: with its small size, its well thought handle, and the fact that it integrates a battery that does not make it heavy for all that, it is a tool that can be used everywhere and in a very simple way. The staple release system requires no effort, and there is no jolt to the wrist. The battery also has good autonomy, even if it presents obviously recurring problems like the impossibility of changing it, which thus makes the device unusable if ever it gives up the soul! However, with its price, its good design and its efficiency, it is an electric stapler that has what it takes to seduce all the do-it-yourselfers, but also the women!

Varo POWX138

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Varo POWX138 Electric StaplerThe Varo POWX138 electric stapler has a triggering capacity of 20 strokes per minute, which allows it to set a good pace when working continuously. Its power level and impact force can be adjusted in 6 stages to suit the materials used, ensuring good penetration of the staple or nail and forming a strong fastener. The device accommodates staples between 16 and 25mm in length, and nails up to 32mm in length. It also has a safety system that triggers an idle strike when the trigger is pulled but the tool is not parallel to the stapling surface, thus reducing the risk of unintentional injury. Easy to handle with its 2.78kg, its 2.5m long power cord offers good freedom of movement.

My opinion: The Varo POWX138 is an electric stapler that has the two main assets sought in this kind of tool: sufficient power and good handling. The 6 levels of staple force settings allow it to be used on many types of materials, including rather a hardwood at maximum power, and we found it to be quite durable, even during intensive work. The fact that it accommodates long staples and nails is also an advantage, especially since it has ample capacity to drive them. Safety sometimes causes it to hit empty when not parallel enough to the material in action, but this is not a detail to complain about. On the other hand, it sometimes jams a bit: fortunately, this problem is easily correctable, and above all, it doesn’t happen when you use it in nailer mode. All in all, this is a stapler that you can count on, that is reasonably priced and that knows how to make itself useful!

Skil 8200AC

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Skil 8200AC electric stapler The Skil 8200AC is an electric stapler that can be used with most materials: in fact, it is equipped with an impact adjustment system that allows you to modulate the force of the staple and adapt it to the work being done. It is possible to reduce the stapling force with softwoods, or on the contrary, increase it with hardwoods. Light and handy thanks to the long handle and its design that allows the head to be placed against the surface, it is equipped with staples whose length must be between 8 and 16mm as well as nails with a length of 15/16mm. 1000 staples and 500 nails are included in the box to start working without delay! For jobs that require a lot of staples, the device is also capable of continuous stapling to save time. Although wired, it also has a 6m power cord, so you can use it freely.

My opinion: The Skil 8200AA electric stapler is very practical for small DIY, renovation or decoration jobs. Delivered in its case, with a large enough quantity of staples and nails to get started, we found that it immediately made us want to use it! Once in hand, the impression was confirmed since with its tiny weight, it is very handy, and its wire is long enough to be forgotten. Although there is an adjustment of the striking force, so as not to drive the staple or the nail too much into very soft wood, for example, the machine is not overly powerful either. On the contrary, we had to finish hammering in nails when the wood was just a little too hard! Beyond this little lack of strength, it has however all the necessary qualities for a pleasant use. With a reasonable price and a well-stocked box, it is definitely an electric stapler you can turn to!

PowerPlus POW737

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

PowerPlus POW737 electric stapler The PowerPlus POW737 electric stapler was designed for small DIY, renovation or decoration jobs: it has only one striking power and is therefore rather suitable for stapling fabrics and soft materials on softwood. However, it has good technical performance as it can deliver up to 20 strokes per minute, and with a capacity of up to 100 nails or staples, it has good autonomy. (Reloading is both easy and fast.) It uses staples between 8 and 16mm and nails whose length should not exceed 15mm. Although wired, its 2.4m long power cable allows it to be used freely, and with its 2kg weight and its rubber-coated handle, it offers a safe and pleasant grip. It also comes with 200 staples and 100 nails for immediate use.

My opinion: The PowerPlus POW737 is certainly an electric stapler that is not suitable for all jobs, but between its very reasonable price and its performance that is not to be devalued for all that, it has what it takes to find its audience. We found it ideal for chair or bench repair work, for example, the power delivered is more than enough to properly drive the nails and staples used, and between its ease of use and its affordable price, it is typically the kind of tool that you can spontaneously equip yourself with to facilitate the realization of small projects. The design is also good, the handling is good, the typing speed is quite correct, and consumables are even included in the delivery! So it’s hard to find faults with it, except that it is not suitable for stapling on the hardwood. But when you are aware of this detail, it is an electric stapler that has a lot to offer: simple and practical, it is really there to help!

Apollo Precision Tools

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Apollo Precision Tools Electric StaplerThe Apollo Precision Tools is a versatile electric stapler, capable of accommodating both staples and nails to complete all sorts of jobs, from furniture, living space design, repairs, decorations and even outdoor projects. Compatible with standard staples between 10 and 14mm in length and nails up to 14mm in length (400 staples and 100 nails are included), it has a convenient flat surface to be flush with materials for easy stapling. As for manoeuvrability, its compact design and 0.5kg make it a perfectly controllable tool that offers the possibility to be used in tight or confined spaces. As for safety, the quick release of the strike to save time is counterbalanced by a safety button that prevents injury.

My Take: The Apollo Precision Tools electric stapler is once again a tool that has to make do with simple use. Even if, as the brand reminds us, the possibilities of work are multiple (chair repair, frame installation, installation of underlayment for parquet, tarpaulin installation, development of craft projects, etc.), the absence of an adjustment of the striking force forces the device to be satisfied with use on rather soft wood! Or you’ll end up having to hammer the nails in! But apart from this detail, it has all the technical characteristics for a pleasant and satisfactory use: the design is ideal for horizontal, vertical or even ceiling use, the reserve of staples or nails is sufficient for good working autonomy, and we did not meet any problem of jamming during our use and the 2m cord leaves good freedom of movement. Within more a quite acceptable price, it is an electric stapler that we recommend therefore completely to facilitate the works!

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