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What is the best folding workbench in 2022?

The best folding workbench
A flexible and practical workspace!

The folding workbench is a DIY accessory that makes work easier. Solid and at the right height, it can be used to secure workpieces for sanding, sawing and working more efficiently! And once finished, it can be stored easily and quickly!

However, there are many models on the market, and all have their own specificities. Here is our selection and our opinion to help you find the best folding workbench!

The 6 Best Folding Workbenches in 2022

  • Black & Decker WM1000-XJ Workmate 1000
  • Bosch PWB 600
  • Keter 221475
  • Wolfcraft 6182000 Master 600
  • Wolfcraft Master 200
  • Black & Decker WM825

rating 4.5 out of 5

Black & Decker WM1000-XJ Workmate 1000

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Black & Decker WM1000-XJ Workmate 1000 Folding Workbench The Black & Decker WM1000-XJ Workmate 1000 Folding Workbench has an exclusive one-handed clamping system that makes it easy to adjust the jaws, together or independently for that matter. This clamping system is accompanied by a double handle to offer more strength but also more versatility in the objects worked on. With its working height of 80.3 cm, it has a large working surface of 67 x 64 cm, 67 cm being also the length of the jaws of the vice. Thanks to its high-strength steel structure, it is able to support a maximum load of up to 250kg, while remaining both stable and totally reliable. (The feet are covered with a rubber coating that makes them non-slip). It can be used as a workbench, vice, or sawing stand, and its step allows for a comfortable position. And when the job is done, it folds up quickly and can be stored easily thanks to its small footprint.

My opinion: The Black & Decker WM1000-XJ Workmate 1000 is a practical and rather well-designed folding workbench. We particularly appreciated the easy-to-handle clamping system with the central crank, and moreover, as it is delivered almost already assembled, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to finish assembling the jaws and the handles to be able to use it. Thanks to small details such as the footboard, for example, you can use it in a pleasant position facing your room. With its wide maximum spacing, it also offers the possibility of working with large objects and folding and unfolding children’s play. It only takes a few seconds! The only thing we didn’t like was the stops: the studs of the 4 stops provided are too big and they have trouble fitting into the holes already created. You have to force them, which is not ideal! But apart from this one element, this folding workbench is rather robust and thus largely deserves the investment!

Bosch PWB 600

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Bosch PWB 600 Folding WorkbenchThe Bosch PWB 600 is a folding, mobile workbench that allows for flexible and safe working. While the workbench can be unfolded and folded in just a few seconds, it is not fragile: on the contrary, it is made of bamboo and can support a load of 200 kg. With its height of 83.4 cm, it avoids causing too much fatigue, even during prolonged use. And with its 68 cm length and 55 cm width, it also offers a large working space. It has flexible clamping jaws that have been designed to facilitate the clamping of parts of different shapes, round or large (4 clamping jaws are delivered at the same time). Finally, a storage compartment is integrated into the frame, so that you always have your work material within reach.

My opinion: The Bosch PWB 600 folding workbench really seduced us! First of all, we loved its size: although it offers all the necessary space to be comfortable during work, once folded, it is only 9cm thick! With its quite correct weight of 11.6 kg, we can easily store it behind a door, for example. As far as its use is concerned, there again, we didn’t find much to reproach it: the bamboo used for the worktop is rather sturdy, the frame and the feet guarantee good stability, 4 wedges are provided to multiply the clamping possibilities, and the product is even delivered assembled! We would have appreciated if the distance between the two parts of the worktop was a little larger, but here we are on details that do not spoil its functionality. For DIY or renovation work at home, this is a folding workbench that we can only recommend. Thanks to its price and its qualities, it is one of the favourites of handymen!

rating 4.5 out of 5

Keter 221475

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Keter 221475 Folding WorkbenchThe Keter 221475 Folding Workbench features a unique quick-opening system that allows it to be unfolded and folded in just seconds. With its 55 x 85 cm work surface, it has a generous surface to accommodate all kinds of work. This worktop is not made of wood but of polypropylene, a very resistant material that offers a formidable strength: the maximum load it can support is indeed 450 kg! With its height of 75.5 cm, the station adopts a standard height, which suits most users and avoids the appearance of back pain during prolonged use. To be complete, it is finally delivered with 4 clamping blocks but especially 2 sets of clamps to maintain correctly in place the parts to be worked.

My opinion: The Keter 221475 is a folding workbench that does not have to be ashamed of not being manufactured by one of the major tool brands! While it is offered under the 100€ mark, it still has all the technical features you would look for when buying an accessory of this type. In addition to being stable, it can accommodate really heavy objects without fear of it dropping without warning. And above all, its folding/unfolding system is very well designed: putting it in place and putting it away is done without wasting time, and with its 12.8 kg, although it is not the lightest, it is still quite easy to move! A few more centimeters in height would have been welcome, and we regret that the clamps are of such poor quality. Made of cheap plastic, they break in no time! For the rest, this folding workbench is still worth looking at, if only for its very reasonable price!

Wolfcraft 6182000 Master 600

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Wolfcraft 6182000 Master 600 Folding WorkbenchThe Wolfcraft 6182000 Master 600 is a folding workbench that has been designed to fit all its users. With a height adjustment that can go from 78 cm to 95 cm (with secure locking), the workstation knows how to make itself as practical as possible. Mobile and fully adjustable, it has 4 plastic wedges for flat clamping and 2 additional wedges for efficient clamping of round parts. Its 65 x 42 cm surface (which can be extended with the supplied extension) is also accompanied by a built-in magnetic reservoir that allows you to keep screws and nails close at hand. The MDF wood worktop can support loads of up to 120 kg. A special feature of this model is that the worktop can be tilted up to 65°, so it can also be used as an easel for more artistic work!

My opinion: The Wolfcraft 6182000 Master 600 folding workbench was rather a good surprise! While we didn’t know what to think of this rather unknown brand, the product it presents here is really of good quality. Although the supported load is less than elsewhere, the worktop is still robust, and it is used with simplicity thanks to the provided wedges and the tightening by cranks. We also appreciated the fact that it is adjustable in height (when you are tall, the classic heights are always a bit low…) and that once folded, it is only about 20 cm thick, so it can be easily stored! We can still note that the initial assembly is not very easy and that it requires some time to put all the mechanisms in place. Also, with 15.1 kg on the scale, moving it constantly can quickly become painful! But as it is presented at an interesting price, under 100€, it is a folding workbench which has the assets to find its public!

rating 4 out of 5

Wolfcraft Master 200

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Price: See the price on Amazon

Wolfcraft Master 200 Folding WorkbenchThe Wolfcraft Master 200 Folding Workbench is a smart work accessory to complete your workshop or to have in your garage. Sturdy thanks to a durable MDF wood worktop, it is capable of carrying a maximum load of 180 kg. If the surface it offers is rather large (64.5 cm long and between 30 and 45 cm wide depending on the distance between the jaws), the clamping it offers is just as effective: 4 plastic jaws are provided, the wedges keep even round parts in place, and the adjustment via 2 cranks is very easy to use. With its integrated tool holder, all the accessories needed for the work remain within reach. Finally, although it is 80 cm high when unfolded, it is very compact when folded. Its folding system allows it to be stored in a few seconds and it does not take up any space.

My opinion: The Wolfcraft Master 200 is another folding workbench from the brand that won us over! Easy to use, quick to fold and to store, it has all the features you’re looking for when you want a product like this. The trays are both easily removable and adjustable, the work surface is solid and supports a more than reasonable weight, the clamping is of good quality and the stability is well ensured by the non-slip rubber feet. In addition to a manual with assembly information that is a little too brief, we also lose the possibility of adjusting the height of the table, which was very appreciable on the other model. This folding workbench is however presented at a really competitive price, at about fifty euros! For this price, we can’t be too demanding either, especially since it remains very practical to use and is perfectly suitable for all the DIY work that we can undertake at home!

Black & Decker WM825

Editor’s note: 3.5 / 5 | Price: See price on Amazon

Black & Decker WM825 Folding WorkbenchThe Black & Decker WM825 is a folding workbench that features a front jaw that can tilt to allow vertical clamping, making it easier to work on unusually shaped parts. Adjustable wedges and retention grooves are also present to offer other clamping possibilities while providing a perfect hold. Its 74 x 56.2 cm work surface is made of bamboo and combined with a steel structure, it has the strength to support a load of up to 250kg. Equipped with a double height, at 80 cm and 62 cm, its versatility is reinforced and it can be used as a workbench or as a sawing bench. Very stable thanks to the anti-slip coating of its rubber feet, it was finally designed to be set up and stored both easily and quickly.

My opinion: The Black & Decker WM825 folding workbench knows how to be useful! All the essential technical features are indeed present: folding and unfolding is done in a simple way, the steel frame shows clear signs of sturdiness, and even with the two available heights, stability is never in question! In use, however, we were disappointed by a number of points. The worktop, although it can support up to 250 kg, does not seem as sturdy as those usually offered by the brand, the fixed and tilting forward tray lacks the strength to clamp effectively, and assembly (due to a poorly designed manual) is also quite tedious and can be time-consuming. So don’t expect too much from this folding workbench: yes, it’s easy to use and suitable for most DIY jobs, but you shouldn’t be too picky! It’s actually a good thing that its price is under 100€: it can help to close your eyes to its flaws!

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